Play #YesCallMen


Argue with feminists who call in to your MRA public access TV show using a card-based battle system inspired by deck-building games like Dominion and Thunderstone.

The game will guide you through the first turn so please pay attention to the tutorial so you know what the hell you’re doing. Or not, you will probably be fine either way.

Your deck and progress are saved between calls and shows, so you can keep coming back later to play more.

Oh and “Trashing” removes a card from your deck permanently how many times do I have to say this god


Cards, leveling, MRAs, fedoras, anime card sleeves, flying vagina monsters, gross belches, bar wipes, misogyny, TRUTH BOMBS, “Not All Men”, aliens, intergalactic space travel, and alternate dimensions – all set to a way-too-catchy cover of a vaguely insidious pop song.

What more could you possibly want?


Click on cards to play them. It’s that simple!

You can drag or use mouse wheel to scroll through your hand of cards.
You can scroll the message log the same way so you don’t miss any ~HILARITY~.


Windows Standalone

Linux Standalone
(Tested in Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit LTS only.
If you have no audio, try installing the 32-bit audio libraries.)


So what are you waiting for?


Iron Pencil is:

Jim South (sighnoceros on SA)
Design, Art, Programming

With Special Thanks To:

Austin Thresher
‘Casio Lines’

Voice, Title Art

Title Art

and #SAGameDev on synIRC.net

Most card sound effects by www.kenney.nl

Contact Jim South (jim -at- ironpencil.com) with any questions or comments about the game.

#YesCallMen was made in one month in 2014 as part of the Something Awful Game Development Challenge. It was built in Unity.

If you liked my game, please consider donating to or participating in Extra Life. It is a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.
Go to www.extra-life.org for more information. Thank you.