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SPACE DEFENSE! and One Game a Month

I made another game shortly after completing #YesCallMen, mostly as an exercise to try something new and unwind after the SA Game Dev Challenge. The game I made, SPACE DEFENSE!, was made in Octo, a CHIP-8 emulator. CHIP-8 is a programming language from the 70s that uses mostly low-level programming techniques including manual memory management. That was pretty new for me, as most of my programming experience is in high-level languages like C#. The display for the emulator is also only 32×64 pixels, so it’s a very limited design space. All said and done I learned how to use Octo and made the game over about 5 days of sporadic work.

It was a lot of fun to put it together, very puzzle-like since there are so few moving parts but you have to try to cram them together very neatly and efficiently. Check out the game page here: SPACE DEFENSE!

Also, I signed up for One Game a Month, and am going to try to keep up with it for as long as possible. Wish me luck!