Assault on Slime Fortress

Assault on Slime Fortress was made in 10 days from August 8th-18th, 2015, as part of GBJam 4.

How to Play:

Make your way to the top of Slime Fortress while collecting as much gold as you can!
Don’t worry about the slimes, they can’t feel pain and they’ll re-form in a couple days anyway!

Your weapon does more damage based on the charge bar on the right, with bonus damage when it’s completely full.

Cupcakes will heal some of your damage.

Default Controls:

Move – WASD, Arrow Keys
Attack – Space, Joystick Button 0 (XBOX A)
Change Scale – End, Joystick Button 7 (XBOX Start)
Raise Volume – Page Up, Joystick Button 5 (XBOX RB)
Lower Volume – Page Down, Joystick Button 4 (XBOX LB)

Watch out for these slimes:

Arthur J. Slime – Your average blue-collar workin’ slime!
Sir Slimeselot – A valorous, armored slime!
Richard Slimens – He likes to stay in shape!
Gordon Ramslime – He loves making tasty treats!
Unislime – A slime with a friggin’ horn on its head! Be careful!
Scrooge McSlime – One of the richest 1% of slimes!
King Slimery VIII – The glorious ruler of the slimes!

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